Demystifying Medically Indicated Newborn Supplementation

I’ve decided to create a resource to help explain why some babies need nutritional supplementation. Breast milk substitutes have been demonized so much in today’s society that some parents balk at supplementation even when their baby depends on it. My hope is to shed some light on the when, why, how, and with what when it comes to your supplementation options. This is in a powerpoint format. I allow this resource to be freely distributed but not sold. This is a resource for moms, and a resource to use if other lactation professionals would like to teach moms. All information is cited within and at the end of the presentation. It is using the most up to date information from The Academy of Breastfeeding Medicine.

The file is located in this drop box link.



3 comments on “Demystifying Medically Indicated Newborn Supplementation

  1. […] consider giving their babies formula for many reasons. In some cases it is medically necessary. At other times, mom may believe that her milk supply is low (and thus think that formula is […]


  2. This is such a great resource. I was one of those mothers who felt absolutely horrified at the thought of supplementing my baby with something other than my own breastmilk. I am thankful that I had the support and encouragement from an amazing IBCLC that helped guide me through it.

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  3. Jimso says:

    Thank you!!


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