The Smart Changing Pad, Can it Replace Professional Guidance?

How would you like a product that can weigh your baby, track their growth, monitor diaper output, and tell you how much breast milk your baby consumed? When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The $300 price tag doesn’t help either, but you know… PROFIT.

I have to wonder if the creators collaborated with IBCLCs regarding this product. Part of me doesn’t think so. They like to prey on women that doubt their supply by claiming it can do pre and post feed weights. They also say on their website that only 5% of women deal with true low milk supply – not accurate. More like 5-15% as supported by present data. (source) However, this scale is not accurate enough to do appropriate pre and post feed weights. This scale is only accurate to 10mLs, which is a third of an ounce. The scales that lactation consultants use are accurate up to 1-2mLs, and yes, it really does matter and is important that these scales used for these purposes be that sensitive.

Cost is also a barrier here, at close to $300 you could have gotten help from a private practice IBCLC (which is usually covered by insurance). Lactation consultants have the accurate $1,000 scale, the professional advice, the follow-up, the explanation, the encouragement, the referrals, and everything else that comes from our care. What does this company want you to do? Use an inaccurate scale and get help from baby center (this is who they are associated with), a notoriously horrible information hub for baby care online. If you have concerns about your child’s growth, diaper output, or breastfeeding, see a professional, not a company. 




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